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The services extended by Travis Bridgewood Builder are many. And as our name suggests anything to do with building and construction and related services which covers repairs, replacement and maintenance is carried out by us.

Our services include:

Renovations- Kitchen and Bathrooms

If you are planning an extensive renovation of your existing kitchen and bathrooms then it is one of the key services offered by Travis Bridgewood Builder. We specialise in renovations and as part of our renovations, the design, rebuilding, installing and laying new tiles, splashbacks, fixtures, lighting, pipes and fittings and also painting is carried out by us.

So whatever design idea you may have for a renovation or if you are seeking an apt renovation idea, rely on Travis Bridgewood Builder because we offer "Quality that endures the test of time."


Movable walls

In simple terms, movable walls are made of timber, metal or even plywood. They are thoughtfully included in smaller spaces, houses or larger rooms which need a partition. They come in different forms, sliding, movable, and folding or even half retractable walls. Moving walls are perfect accompaniments in modern day houses or spaces and if ever there is a space constraint or lesser room, then these walls come in real handy to help create defined areas or earmark areas within the space available.


Privacy Screen

Typically, a privacy screen is more or less a temporary or permanent panel or screen that serves the reason why it is placed. And here it is to provide absolute privacy or to create a barrier or to shield a particular area from outside view, or screen it from an adjacent house or building. It could also be placed in an area where there is a lot of outdoor intrusion or it is close to an outdoor space.

Privacy screens are placed in and around swimming pools, balconies, patios, and garden areas. And we at Travis Bridgewood Builder will install privacy screens only after fully complying with prescribed norms and guidelines and depending on where it has to be fixed, we will determine the materials, design and type too.


Insulated Roofing

These days, it is commonplace to go in for insulated roofing panels over your existing roofing. This comes with a lot of benefits; they ensure longevity of your roofing, perfectly brace against the vagaries of the weather and they are also neat looking and come in many different sizes, types, colours and materials too. And these days, insulated roofing is literally a blessing in disguise; they are energy efficient and eco-friendly too.

Travis Bridgewood Builder offer insulated roofing services and based on your needs and liking we will custom-tailor the roofing accordingly.


Outdoor rooms or enclosed patios

If you are looking to extend the limits of your living area or if you want to enclose patios, Travis Bridgewood Builder is good for that. So you can either opt for outdoor rooms or enclosed patios so that it becomes an extended space of your home all complete with privacy, safety and a place where you can choose spend time or even store or keep things.

The whole idea or the basic purpose of outdoor rooms or enclosed patios is to give more space and seamlessly blend it with the rest of the house. Also making it habitable too is a criterion. And most of all, as this is typically an extension, the budget too should be pocket-friendly so people consider it or propose to go ahead with this.

And Travis Bridgewood Builder will more than assure it. The design, style, materials used is taken care of and our pricing is competitive too.


Wet Rot/Dry Rot Repairs

Though on the outset, wet rot and dry rot are similar which is affecting the wood or timber flooring or structure. The effect it leaves on timber leads to decay and fast decomposition of the timber. But it occurs and affects timber quite differently.

Wet rot is occurs in constant, damp conditions, if the area is exposed to moisture and there is moisture present always, then mould or fungal decay sets in and thus affects the timber. This can be identified when you notice mould build-up, a constant damp, musty smell and when the timber seems to give way easily and it is losing strength, or getting discoloured faster. And if this is left unattended, it destroys timber and in places can cause structural damages too.

Dry rot too on the other hand is facilitated with certain amount of moisture presence. But this type of rot occurs in areas that are not visible under floors, floorboards, decks, canopies, downpipes, gutters etc. As this is not easily detectable, they can be more damaging or can cause more problems till such time it is discovered. Dry rot too, is a type of mould build-up and it happens in areas where there is some condensation, very humid and poor ventilated areas.

Either way, damage to the structure and timber will happen if it is not identified and treated in time. Travis Bridgewood Builder employs effective measures to help treat dry rot and wet rot repairs and treatments.


Termite Repairs

Termite repairs are undertaken by the experts at Travis Bridgewood Builder. Our experts will come inspect the place, make an assessment of the damage, evaluate the extent of damage and then determine the next course of action.

This usually involves permanent removal of the termite, replacing the damaged areas and ensuring structural integrity.



Rendering is simply a process wherein cement mixture is applied in a certain way to the interior or exterior walls so as to render the walls with a certain finish, texture or touch. In many ways, it is similar to plastering. The common mixture used in rendering is sand, lime, cement and water which are combined in a certain ratio to give the desired effect.

Rendering offers an aesthetic appeal, works well as the perfect waterproofing facet and these days many people are taking to rendering so as to give their building an extra touch. This is applied using a brush, trowel, or sponge so as to give that much desired result.

Rendering is primarily made up of cement and other key ingredients but these days variants like acrylic and other additives are added so as to give better and more attractive finishes.

Travis Bridgewood Builder undertakes and offers your choice rendering.


Asbestos Removal

As per prescribed norms and guidelines, if you need asbestos removal to be carried out from any building and if it has to be removed because it does not conform to the prescribed standards, Travis Bridgewood Builder will definitely carry it out so that you are in compliance to prevailing laws.


Our services are not limited to, but include the following:

  • Termite repairs
  • Bathrooms
  • Structural work for kitchens
  • Build unders
  • Sheds
  • Carports
  • Awnings
  • Reroofing
  • Insulated roofing
  • Patios
  • Decks
  • Stairs
  • Balustrades
  • Demolitions
  • Rendering
  • Painting
  • Plastering
  • Privacy screens
  • Wet & dry rot repairs
  • Installing Retaining walls
  • Installing Moveable walls
  • Roof and Fascia repairs
  • Removing walls
  • Removal of load bearing walls
  • Timber and wire rope balustrades
  • Asbestos Removal
  • Setting up fences
  • Outdoor rooms or enclosed patios
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“Quality that endures the test of time” is what we believe in follow. At Travis Bridgewood Builder, we offer a friendly, personalised service that is complete with quality workmanship that is perfected to withstand the test of time.

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